The Removalists

The next play being performed by the LTC at the Rochedale Theatre is The Removalists by David Williamson.  The Removalists is a raw and gritty Australian play that deals with sexism, violence, police brutality and the processes whereby ordinary individuals are drawn into it.  The play produces some uncomfortable moments as it sets about highlighting a darker side to our Aussie culture.  First published in 1972, The Removalists is known as one of Williamson’s most successful plays, winning two Australian Writers Guild awards.

The play begins in a police station where Sergeant Simmonds is showing Constable Ross the ropes on his first day in the job.  When sisters Kate and Fiona come in to make a domestic violence report about Fiona’s husband, the Sergeant starts to show his darker side.  Simmonds and Ross enlist a Removalist to help her move out and decide to confront the husband Kenny.  By the time they are finished dealing with him, Kenny does not have a wife, a child or any hope left!

Lismore Theatre Company has an experienced local cast in order to bring this piece to life.  After
a few deaths in recent months of suspects at the hands of the police, the issues Williamson presents in this play are still very relevant today and well worth exploring.

Performance dates and times are:

Friday 1st June 7:30pm

Saturday 2nd June 1:30pm and 7:30pm

Sunday 3rd June 4pm

Friday 8th June 7:30pm

Saturday 9th June 1:30pm and 7:30pm

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