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Hedda Gabler - Mar 31 – Apr 10

Lismore Theatre Company is proud to open their 2017 season with Hedda Gabler – “the female Hamlet?”

The season kicks off on March 31st with HEDDA GABLER, Henrik Ibsen’s  classic stage masterpiece. The title role of Hedda is considered one of the greatest dramatic roles in theatre.  Many famous actresses have played Hedda – including Glenda Jackson, Diana Rigg, Ingrid Bergman, Kate Blanchett and Judy Davis – and the part has been referred to as “the female Hamlet”.

Our production, directed by David Addenbrooke, features  Sharon Brodie in the title role of Hedda.  Supporting Sharon will be Graham Whittingham, Jenny Dowell, Kylie Fuad, Charles Derek, and Vilma Giacomini.

Performances are at 8pm on 31 March, 1 April, 7 April, 8 April and 2pm on 2 April, 9 April.

Tickets available at:

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