Heroes is a a heartfelt comedy which is sure to delight young and old theatre goers who enjoy a good laugh and appreciate fine acting. Playful, bawdy and heartbreakingly funny this irresistible comedy also provides a charming insight into the slide into old age and the effects of wartime trauma while still retaining dignity and grace. Written by the French playwright Gerald Sibleyras and translated into English by Tom Stoppard the play has been performed inĀ  London to wide acclaim and it won the prestigious Oliver Award for best new comedy in 2006.

Set in 1959, in a retirement home for war veterans , three friends meet daily on the terrace to ruminate on life, birthdays, poplar trees and women. Somewhat befuddled by war time experiences and advancing age the three likeable old codgers become confused and anxious about their life in the home with hilarious results. They have had enough of the tortures of their confinement, the dictatorial captors and untrustworthy fellow prisoners and far too many birthday parties. Escape is their plan. If not to Indo China at least to the nearby hill for a picnic under the poplars. Concerned their terrace will be invaded by other residents they plan a tactical withdrawal which sees them bound together in a common cause. In this case by the fire hose. Confusion and mayhem ensures.